Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Grand Masterpiece

Grand Masterpiece

Many of us have been taught that masterpieces are big, extravagant, and full of depth-giving details. They stop you in your tracks because it’s impossible to get around them without taking in the site. They make the onlookers gasp and fill the artist with pride for all the long hours he put into it’s completion.

But some masterpieces are tiny. Like treasures hidden in an empty lot, or clues in a long-forgotten place. We pass them by without noticing. They don’t make us stop and gasp. We trample them before we even see them. These masterpieces are my favorites. They make me get down in the ground and search for the delicate details. They’re not about pride. They’re about humility. And in their quiet, hidden existence, they humble me.

grass flowers
Tiny Masterpieces

Important Update!

Well, I suppose it’s about time to let you all know what I’ve been doing this year (besides writing poetry) and what my future looks like from this angle. I’ll keep it brief.

For the past 7 months, I’ve been giving private tutoring to a number of awesome and incredibly sweet families that God has put in my life. All the while, I’ve been in contact with the non-profit organization I used to work for in Charlotte, NC called One7. You may have seen me mention them a few times. One7 is where I got my first full time teaching position and I have always had a real heart for the people there.

First year teaching at One7 Academy.

My first year teaching at One7 Academy.

Last month, I began teaching Summer school with One7 Academy. I am very excited to be back and look forward to teaching part time with them in the fall. I will also continue tutoring in the afternoons and evenings, which will help keep my schedule full.

As far as I can see (which, admittedly, is not far), any plans to go back to Brazil are on hold. I haven’t heard back from the necessary people about my very necessary paperwork. And the longer I wait, the more the need for teachers in Brazil changes. I do still believe that God has a plan for me there, so I am continuing to work on my dual citizenship papers and practicing my Portuguese.

It has been made clear to me that this is where God wants me for now, and I strive to serve Him each day in everything I do.

Thank you, all, for your continued prayers and interest for what God’s doing in my life. I do so hope you stick around. It’s such a delight to be connected with so many great people!

You Shall Love Your Neighbor (Kierkegaard)

Some talk about love
As if it’s emitted by people.
Like radio waves.
You can tune into the station,
Or tune out.
It’s all a matter of taste.
Sometimes you just get bored of it.
Some talk about love
As if it’s a fishing hook,
Reaching out to grab a meal.
And we’re the fish.
Or sometimes, we’re the fisherman.
We might catch a good looking fish,
But once we examine it, we decide it’s too small,
Or it’s not the useful kind—the nutritious kind—
So we throw it back.
But love is not an emission or a trap.
Love is a baby’s smile.
It doesn’t care who’s on the other end.
It doesn’t exclude, reject, or revoke.
It is not conceited, or dirty, or misleading.
It is not jealous of another.
It doesn’t bore or become bored.
A baby’s smile bridges holes
Between strangers
Between the estranged.
It’s an action that only benefits.
It is an action that isn’t lessened by the response—
whether good or bad.
The baby’s smile—
is what is it,


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