Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

We finally got our first good snowfall of the season in NC and I’m excited for all the snow I get to eat!

Eating snow!



Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

“Good Morning” is not usually my sentiment. I’m not really a morning person. And this is what I have to wake up to:

This should not qualify as morning. This is the black abyss.

This should not qualify as morning. This is the Black Abyss.

Luckily, I’m blessed with an alarm clock that does not try to torture me before the sun comes up. So I get to wake up to my favorite music. That makes it a little easier to slide out of bed and into the Black Abyss.

But the Black Abyss of 5:30am can only last so long. I’ve figured out the stupid way that putting on make up in the dark just doesn’t work. Mirrors, apparently, need light. So I have to flip a switch and sear my retinas. Then dress and put on make up. …which might explain a few things about my clothing and make up choices. I can blame that on seared retinas, right?

By the time I’ve racked up five or so reasons to hate morning, it’s time to sit down with breakfast and thank God for all those things I just cursed. Luckily, I’ve got a Common Book of Prayer to help guide me through that.

"Let my soul rise up to meet You; as the day rises to meet the sun."

“Let my soul rise up to meet You; as the day rises to meet the sun.” But the sun hasn’t come up yet, so my soul is still slumped in my chair.

Then it’s time jump in my car and sit in traffic for an hour.

Sun still hasn't come up yet.

At this point, I’m still waiting for a sign that this is actually morning.

By the time I get to school at 7:30, the sun is finally showing some signs of existence and I can admit that it is, in fact, morning.  But I still don’t have to like it. At least not until this part:

They make the morning worth it.

They make the morning worth it.

Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Grand Masterpiece

Grand Masterpiece

Many of us have been taught that masterpieces are big, extravagant, and full of depth-giving details. They stop you in your tracks because it’s impossible to get around them without taking in the site. They make the onlookers gasp and fill the artist with pride for all the long hours he put into it’s completion.

But some masterpieces are tiny. Like treasures hidden in an empty lot, or clues in a long-forgotten place. We pass them by without noticing. They don’t make us stop and gasp. We trample them before we even see them. These masterpieces are my favorites. They make me get down in the ground and search for the delicate details. They’re not about pride. They’re about humility. And in their quiet, hidden existence, they humble me.

grass flowers
Tiny Masterpieces

Photo Challenge: From Above

I’m squeaking this in at the last minute. Tonight I got to visit my Christian family at One7 again. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve been there and missed them terribly.

The place was buzzing with kids and adults of all ages and ethnicity. During our time of worship, I stood on the second floor balcony and took some pictures. I’ve always loved how One7 does worship. They hug each other the whole time. They hold hands, they jump up and down, they scream and shout and clap. Among the crowd were a few small kids that caught my attention. I think I caught their attention, too.

Yellow Dress Girl Red Shirt Girl

Taking pictures of the girls from above reminded me of a beautiful scene of kids playing that I was fortunate enough to capture in Israel, back in 2008. Children in Jerusalem Little Boy in Jerusalem alley

These were taken looking into an alley way in Jerusalem. I honestly don’t remember why we were on top of a building or what we were supposed to be looking at. These kids stole all my attention.

The original Photo Challenge post:


Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details


This photo challenge has really made me think about the composition of everything around us. It’s crazy to think about how many leaves are on this bush; how many veins in each leaf; how many cells compose the veins. I wish I was small enough to see photosynthesis happen inside the leaf.

When I think about the details that make up me in the physical sense, and the pieces that make up my life, and the aspects of each of us that make us unique, I think Seurat was a hyper-realist.


I’ve never seen life depicted more clearly.

The difference between my picture of leaves and Seurat’s painting is that my camera doesn’t have a high enough resolution to show all the pieces that make up the subject. Seurat found a way to do that.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Brazil’s Pantanal swamp land is full of green… and brown, and bright colored birds, and howler monkeys that scare the crap out of me, and alligators (or perhaps crocodiles, I’m not a herpetologist).

I was privileged to visit the area back in July. Huddled next to my brother on a long thin boat, wrapped in three layers of clothing (July = winter in Brazil), and trying to ward off mosquitoes with anything but the mosquito repellent that we never thought to bring, I was able to snap a couple of awesome pictures.

He may look malicious, but this poor guy was just trying to warm up on a cold day.

A capybara and his companion

This place was incredible. Each creature was brilliant and brilliantly made. From the construction of birds nests that dangled from trees, to the systems of communication among the chattering monkeys above us, I was constantly in awe of God’s creation. Also, I would like a capybara as a pet. Those things are freakin’ awesome!



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