Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

“Good Morning” is not usually my sentiment. I’m not really a morning person. And this is what I have to wake up to:

This should not qualify as morning. This is the black abyss.

This should not qualify as morning. This is the Black Abyss.

Luckily, I’m blessed with an alarm clock that does not try to torture me before the sun comes up. So I get to wake up to my favorite music. That makes it a little easier to slide out of bed and into the Black Abyss.

But the Black Abyss of 5:30am can only last so long. I’ve figured out the stupid way that putting on make up in the dark just doesn’t work. Mirrors, apparently, need light. So I have to flip a switch and sear my retinas. Then dress and put on make up. …which might explain a few things about my clothing and make up choices. I can blame that on seared retinas, right?

By the time I’ve racked up five or so reasons to hate morning, it’s time to sit down with breakfast and thank God for all those things I just cursed. Luckily, I’ve got a Common Book of Prayer to help guide me through that.

"Let my soul rise up to meet You; as the day rises to meet the sun."

“Let my soul rise up to meet You; as the day rises to meet the sun.” But the sun hasn’t come up yet, so my soul is still slumped in my chair.

Then it’s time jump in my car and sit in traffic for an hour.

Sun still hasn't come up yet.

At this point, I’m still waiting for a sign that this is actually morning.

By the time I get to school at 7:30, the sun is finally showing some signs of existence and I can admit that it is, in fact, morning.  But I still don’t have to like it. At least not until this part:

They make the morning worth it.

They make the morning worth it.


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