It’s National Poetry Writing Month! And you know what that means!


It means that school is almost out

But the kids are getting antsy.

As each day gets warmer outside

I have to try harder not to get angry.


It’s not that they’re so terrible

But they squirm and want to play.

No one wants to sit still for hours

When outside it’s such a nice day.


Sometimes I lose my temper

Though I try to control it a while.

But even when they drive me crazy

There’s always a few that make me smile.

Kiera 001
Alayah 001

Ode to that Gluttonous Mosquito

His stealth would make ninjas envious
His attack was swift and sure
He flew in below my radar
Staying close to the floor.

It was the end of his season,
He was the last of his kind.
With a voracious appetite,
He attacked multiple times.

Even after the symptoms started
I couldn’t find him there.
He was a crafty survivor.
He knew to hide just where

My view was blocked,
And so I thought, for sure it must be a flea.
Or a whole flea colony, perhaps.
I counted the bites past three.

In a moment of panic I tore at my skin,
Wondering how I became infested.
More bites appeared on the other side
Of my leg–I had been bested.

Until finally I gave up scratching,
And started to search for a cure
Something to kill the army of beasts
I was positive was lurking down there.

That’s when he finally revealed himself,
Slowly drifting away from the scene.
His wings could barely hold him up,
And his path was beginning to lean.

I watched the fat thing go,
Staring at him in shock.
He struggled to keep himself afloat
With his belly full of my stock.

I could almost hear him laugh at me,
And I knew he must be smiling.
I had never been so pleased to know
The shortness of life for a mosquito.

Fox and Octopus

I met him at the shore one night.
He was running from a scene.
I was juggling fiddler crabs
When he walked up to me.
“You’ve got to hide me!” he said,
“They’ll take my tail for sure!”
“Can you hold your breath?” I asked.
“You will have to leave the shore.”
I hid him under the waves
With a reed in his mouth for air
Until the farmer’s dogs passed.
(I tried not to stare.)
“Thanks!” he said, “You saved my tail!”
“Why were they after you?” I asked.
“I snatched some meat; would you like some?
I know where I hid it last.”
He darted off, soaking wet
And came dripping back just as fast
“They took it back,” he said to me.
“I had put it in the grass.”
“Too bad, it was freshly smoked
And warm, too,” he said.
“That’s okay,” I wondered what ‘smoked’ meant
And split open a crab instead.
I offered him some of my crab meat.
He sniffed it curiously, then nibbled.
It pleased him and he ate the rest;
A leg, from his mouth dangled.
We spoke between waves so I could catch my breath.
They hit him hard at times.
But he didn’t leave.
Until the sky turned pink with sunshine.
And now, he comes to visit me–
Calling out at my shore.
He brings a thing he calls a bowl
So I can see him more.
I caught a friend

The Masquerade Party (NaPoWriMo)

The forest was alive in the tree tops
With the masquerade ball in full swing.
A quartet of crickets played for the crowd
Under the full moon soft and glowing.
On a thin, small branch above the rest
The ant host smiled wide
To see the costumes on all the guests
Like a dream come awake in the night.
Down on the thickest of branches,
Where the revelers danced in pairs,
Was the squirrel dressed up like a peacock
With his date, who attracted stares.
And beside them, two sparrows danced
One with eight sticks tied to his back
The other had a tail, much like a fox
Made of pine needles and white lilac.
Far below, on the forest floor
The deer and the rabbits were left out.
Even the bear got a peek of the fun,
When the rabbits sent them up to scout.
But hooves are no good for climbing
And rabbits claws are not strong enough
So, on the ground they sat in a circle
With their necks bent up toward the mischief.
“I bet it’s beautiful,”
One of the rabbits sighed.
“I’m sure it’s a spectacle,”
One of the deer replied.
A bear shimmied down from a forest tree
With a crown of feathers on his head.
“The birds are offering free costumes!
Just ask one of them!” He said.
“I can carry a rabbit up to the main limb,
But I don’t have space for a deer.”
The rabbits all leapt for joy at the thought,
But the deer did not cheer.
Just then, an eagle and an owl fluttered down.
“We heard that the deer wanted in.
Alone, we are not strong enough
But together, it’s a snap,” they grinned.
One deer at a time, the two raptors carried
Until the tree branches began to bend.
And all the animals continued to dance
As the night blushed to an end.

The Masquerade

Seahorses and Cnidarians (NaPoWriMo)

Her eyes peeked out from within the veil
Of coral tentacles at the edge of the shelf.
I could just make out her lovely tail
Which curled elegantly around a stalk.
My jellyfish friend descended lightly
Where the current hit the coral reef.
To his fellow cnidarian, he waved politely;
The coral answered in rhythm with the waves of the sea.
I picked myself up from where I had been sinking
Deep into his soft, balloon-like skin
and slid down his side, carefully avoiding
His stinging barbs, which he swayed away from me.
I saw her lacy fin shivering between the stalks
And I shambled over to meet her.
Swimming was more difficult than I thought
It had been so long since I had bothered.
My thin little fin barely held me upright
While my nose pulled me down like an anchor.
From a short ways away, I could hear her delight
Though, I think it was more of amusement.
I puffed myself up as big as I could
Full of joy to finally see another.
She came out to greet me where I stood
And blushed into my same colors.
My jellyfish friends couldn’t stay any longer
The current was picking up again.
But I knew that I couldn’t leave her
She meant more than a new best friend.
With a twinge of sadness, I nodded goodbye
To the jellyfish drifting off.
My time with them, I wouldn’t wish to modify.
But a new chapter in my life just began.
Seahorse Love

The Ant and the Squirrel (in 50 Words)

“You’re not a butterfly,”
Said the squirrel.
“Those are leaves.”
He flicked his bushy tail.
“Haven’t you ever wanted
To be something other then brown?”
The ant straightened his wings
Which were drooping down.
The squirrel went silent,
Then darted off, but came back
As something new–
“I’m a peacock.”

Squirrel and Ant 001

NaPoWriMo is Here!

As the young ant drone marched over a stone,
He spotted a gold and scarlet flake drifting down.
His pinchers spread wide in a gleeful smile.
Autumn was here; it had taken a while.
“This is perfect,” thought the ant, keeping one of his eyes
On the leaf as it fell; it was just the right size.
He saw it land; and, with all the strength he found,
Scrambled over stick and stone to where it hit the ground.
“Just one more,” he thought, looking up at the sky.
A spot of deep orange and red drifted by.
It floated down through the branches into the garden bed.
Among the towering stalks, he could still see the red.
The little drone made a squeak of delight
And ran with one leaf in his pinchers held tight.
With both leaves now, he tied the two stems
Around his thorax and over his limbs
The leaves unfurled on either side
And he used his back legs to press them out wide
Until they looked just perfect, as if he could fly.
And he marched proudly on declaring, “I am a butterfly.”

Butterfly Wings

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