Seahorses and Cnidarians (NaPoWriMo)

Her eyes peeked out from within the veil
Of coral tentacles at the edge of the shelf.
I could just make out her lovely tail
Which curled elegantly around a stalk.
My jellyfish friend descended lightly
Where the current hit the coral reef.
To his fellow cnidarian, he waved politely;
The coral answered in rhythm with the waves of the sea.
I picked myself up from where I had been sinking
Deep into his soft, balloon-like skin
and slid down his side, carefully avoiding
His stinging barbs, which he swayed away from me.
I saw her lacy fin shivering between the stalks
And I shambled over to meet her.
Swimming was more difficult than I thought
It had been so long since I had bothered.
My thin little fin barely held me upright
While my nose pulled me down like an anchor.
From a short ways away, I could hear her delight
Though, I think it was more of amusement.
I puffed myself up as big as I could
Full of joy to finally see another.
She came out to greet me where I stood
And blushed into my same colors.
My jellyfish friends couldn’t stay any longer
The current was picking up again.
But I knew that I couldn’t leave her
She meant more than a new best friend.
With a twinge of sadness, I nodded goodbye
To the jellyfish drifting off.
My time with them, I wouldn’t wish to modify.
But a new chapter in my life just began.
Seahorse Love

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. SimplySage
    Apr 23, 2014 @ 13:36:02

    Jacki, your metaphorical poetry glimpses into the life of the sea world both fascinate and bring a smile to the face. (How can I ever forget that octopus poem?) And now, another. Nicely done!


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